We set out to display the human element in an abstract fashion as the focal point of our hooded sweatshirt selections. “Skate,” culture is commonly seen played out in streetwear, we took inspiration from that defined culture and cultivated it into a sense of intellectual belief and custom which ultimately takes it to another level.

Each tee, is treated as if it is a blank canvas. It’s a portrait that we aim to channel with each idea behind the fabric. A sense of urban scenery is truly captured in the brand-labeled piece, “Opulence.” While a more grandiose presence is felt with, “Upper Echelon.” We also incorporated a rushing feeling of natural proportions as a means of providing variety to the line with, “Open.” It’s more than just stiff cotton & gimmicks.

Continuing with the minimalist theme, each canvas is printed directly onto museum quality canvas using high quality archival inks in a definitive black & white fashion.

Our selection of iPhone cases come in an array of varying mediums, each having their own central themes. Available for iPhone 4s and iPhone 5’s, each design was originally photographed by Jon Bilous with the intention of showcasing a very distinctive look once implemented on the case’s sleek, fashionable dimensions 
will be available for your acquisition come tomorrow.